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Our partners

We have prtners in United Kingdom where we have exchange programs.

Sports club

In Crater primary we value sporting activities for our pupils,we have a football,net ball and volley ball pitch.

Stakeholders Analysis

The Stakeholders of the school are: Pupils Teachers Parents Community Government of Kenya Stakeholders Expectations Pupils anticipate obtaining exellent academic results,high morals values and competitiveness in sports. Teachers Expectat

Physical activities

Classrooms Administration block Furniture Security condition( Fence and gate) Sport facility(Football pitch,Netball pitch and Volleyball pitch) Computer lab Kitchen

School Cabinet

We have a school  cabinet in crater primary which is headed by a President and the Deputy President.

Message from headteacher

Message from the head teacher. Crater primary school was started in the year 1979 by the municipal council of Nakuru on a 8.69acres of land.It began as a single stream from class one to seven.It is situated in Section fifty eight(%*) which is a p


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