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Message from headteacher

Message from the head teacher.

Crater primary school was started in the year 1979 by the municipal council of Nakuru on a 8.69acres of land.It began as a single stream from class one to seven.It is situated in Section fifty eight(%*) which is a posh estate for the rich.From the onset the school accomodated children from the estate since it was a high cost school.The fee was one thousand per term.

The parents and the community and the community around the school were very surpotive and very much involved in all the activities of the school and were also friendly and cooperative.Team work was evident.The school management committee wa sgot from the elite whose children were in the school.

Over the years the school has grown to double stream.The number of children parents and teachers has grown tremendouysly.With the introduction of free primary education,the number of children almost tripled such that it accommodated children from all background thus there is inadequate classrooms and other learning facilities are over streched.Other issues that affect the school are shortage of staff.

Currently the school has three streams in classes six to eight and one to five double streams and an ECDE center.The school has twenty four teachers in primary and two in ECD.


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